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South Africa is currently facing a shortage of skilled technical resources, which presents massive challenges for enterprises in their quest to generate profits and maintain efficiency. Factors that contribute to the shortage in skilled technical resources include a void between workplace reality, the brain drain and the education system as well as an economic downturn. This has lead to a situation in which highly skilled workers are scarce, creating high demand and inflating the cost of hiring those developers. Nonetheless, OutSystems South Africa, have taken a proactive approach to creating skilled resources for the OutSystems community by implementing a strategy that seeks to develop a pool of talented, trained and certified resources through our internship programme.
The Internship Programme
With the internship programme, OutSystems South Africa addresses the skills shortage by offering trained interns to the market on a platform that simplifies application development. The OutSystems South Africa internship programme seeks to give IT graduates that are passionate about technology an opportunity to become innovators and active economic citizens of South Africa. We received over 350 applications for the internship when we advertised as part of the recruitment drive. This shows that there is a huge supply in the market but not many solutions to channel this potential skill.
The Benefits
OutSystems South Africa are not only creating job opportunities, but also providing skilled candidates to fill them. Traditionally, developers who develop on C# and Java are expensive and scarce and do not want to leave the market entrenched with Microsoft and Java. OutSystems is different in that it is able to reduce delivery timelines through its disruptive technology, requiring a different mindset. With OutSystems, a business requires less than half of the resources to achieve the same impact in a development environment, making it easier for businesses to resource their digital efforts.
Apart from these benefits for business, the OutSystems South Africa approach also offers the internship candidate several advantages. Of great importance is the fact that OutSystems is providing the candidates with an opportuinity to establish a career as a certified OutSystems Associate developer which is an international certification, opening up opportunities across the globe. The OutSystems internship also pays interns a stipend which is about the market average.
Once the internship with OutSystems South Africa has concluded, there is a graduation ceremony. There have been very positive outcomes on completion of the internship. These are illustrated by previous graduates of the programme. In fact, six interns have already been successfully placed with OutSystems clients since graduating. A further six interns will become available for placement or contracting roles at the end of December 2017, making an even greater dent in the skills shortage.
The OutSystems South Africa internship is facilitating interns with a better chance to show their uncovered abilities and providing the market with much-needed skills. Already, we are seeing competent and certified OutSystems developers coming out of our internship programme. Once they have graduated, our developers are much better equipped to find and secure suitable employment. By tackling the skills shortage and successfully creating skilled workers, OutSystems South Africa are not only illustrating the untapped potential in the market due to a lack of access, but also supplying the demand for new skilled developers.
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