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You might be currently working as an IT professional, maybe you have no background in technology, or possibly you’re somewhere in-between, where you find yourself progressively having to work on more digital systems. Consider how Digital Marketing has transformed a whole field of professionals that traditionally had little to no understanding of tech, whereas today, marketing professionals need to be proficient on multiple digital platforms in order to remain relevant. This will eventually become the norm across all professions as industries in almost every sector of the economy are looking to accelerate the use of digital systems. The question is, who is going to be developing these systems, how quickly can they be developed and how agile will they be in a rapidly changing environment?


The answer, you need to be able to develop solutions without limits

Development with no limits, what does that even look like? For starters, doing away with having to write never-ending lines of code. This is true for both coders and non-coders because writing good code takes a rare skillset and a lot of time, which is not going to meet the needs of the market. The future demand for developing digital applications is going to be immense and will only grow as we move towards a fully digitised world. We are already seeing the skills shortage. To correct this, people from all working backgrounds will need to enter into the digital industry and within a very short amount of time, be able to develop enterprise-level software solutions.


Here’s an opportunity for you, grab it with both hands

This presents an opportunity for people to redefine and future proof their careers, as many industries are either saturated or shrinking. Making the jump to digital and learning how to develop on Low-Code platforms is starting to look attractive to current and future work generations, especially when you consider the state of the global economy. Gartner predicts that Low-Code Application Platforms will be used for 65% of all application development activity within the next 5 years. Low-Code platforms are now available for you to learn and start using to build yourself a future proof career in technology, a transition you can now achieve in months instead of years.

The platform that makes this all possible

OutSystems is the No.1 world-leading Low-Code development platform for rapidly building digital solutions that drive real business value. Some of the largest global brands are currently using OutSystems to drive their digital systems, with many more expected to move over in the coming months and years.

OutSystems allows you to visually develop your applications without having to write lines of code, this is powerful for two main reasons. Firstly, reducing development time significantly and secondly, it gives you a more intuitive way to design applications as you’re seeing the product come together in real-time, no more longwinded switching between backend code and frontend screens to adjust every aspect of the visual interface.

How can you get involved?

You need to be on the next OutSystems JumpStart, a free full-day workshop hosted every few weeks, available in all major commercial hubs around the world including Johannesburg.

This free, one-day training includes several demos, exercises, and lots of Q&A time for questions and clarifications. When it’s complete, you’ll have an end-to-end overview of OutSystems and the OutSystems low-code platform. You’ll learn how the platform can help you plan, develop, change, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade applications.

Follow along and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an OutSystems expert.


What Will You Learn?

During this training, we’ll take you through a crash course to get you started with the OutSystems platform. Here’s what it covers:

  • An introduction to the OutSystems platform, how it’s used, some typical solutions you can create yourself, and the lifecycle management of applications from development to performance monitoring
  • Integration with external systems: web-services, SAP, and external databases
  • Change management, impact analysis, versioning, security and authentication, documentation, troubleshooting, performance tuning, and monitoring best practices
  • How you can utilize OutSystems to enable collaboration, teamwork, and a general company culture shift around app development

Sign-up and join the revolution

Book your spot at the next OutSystems Jump Start workshop before the class fills up: https://www.outsystems.com/events/jump-start/south-africa/

We look forward to seeing you there!

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